We spent a lovely couple of hours together at Archerfield capturing some beautiful moments. Suzanne really knew how to put the children at ease and it was like being out with a friend. The children had a great time!

Ashlay | mum of three

Recently, myself and the Smith family visited Archerfield Walled Garden on a beautifully, glorious spring day!  We hadn’t had a chance to meet each other before the start of the session, but it soon felt that we were old friends having a catch up and a wander through these amazing grounds.

family photographer East Lothian - close up image of a toddler with his finger in his mouth and big sister peeking in from behind him

Family Photographer East Lothian, Edinburgh and beyond.

family photographer East Lothian - image of a blonde haired mum kneeling in the forest giving her 4yo daughter a kiss on her cheek.

If you’ve not visited Archerfield yet, it’s an absolute must!  Not only is there stunning grounds to walk through but there is something for all age groups to enjoy, from a play area and fairy trail for the little ones. We even discovered stunning willow structures and of course, the Dummy Fairy Tree.  This is where the wee ones tie their dummy onto the tree to allow the Dummy Fairy to take it away and give it to a baby who needs it! What a lovely way to help our dummy-using kiddos move away from the habit.  For us adults, there’s the walled garden itself and a fantastic nursery with plants and seeds for sale.  Maybe more importantly, there’s also a bar, restaurant and gift shop.

family photographer East Lothian - black and white image of mum touching foreheads with her 10yo son

There is an endearing tenderness

in the love of a mother to a son

that transcends all other

affections of the heart.

Washington Irving

family photographer East Lothian - colour image of a 4yo girl jumping in the air.

During our time hanging out together I learned that the three children were each so different in their nature. The youngest was incredibly shy to begin with and not too sure about me at all, though he thoroughly melted my big soppy heart when he reached out to hold my hand later in the session!  The eldest was super confident in front of the camera and enjoyed telling me about his plans for the future.  Then there is the boys’ sister!  What an adventurous wee nature lover this kiddo is and what a super lucky, young lady to be flanked by two such wonderful brothers!

family photographer East Lothian - colour image of three children looking at a ladybug on an outdoor table
family photographer East Lothian - close up colour image of two ladybugs on the hands of two young children
family photographer East Lothian - black and white image of a 4yo girl on a tree swing looking upwards.

What an absolute pleasure it was to hang out with all the Smith family, including Nana (thanks so much for coming along to help out!) x

family photographer East Lothian - colour family image of mum and her three children sat on outdoor steps giving each other a 'high five'

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