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You are so very kind!  Thank you ever so much for agreeing to write a Google review for me.


Perhaps you are similar to me when parting with large sums of money?  I ALWAYS check the reviews first!  It’s just so important to me to hear from other people in the same position as I am.  I want to know what their experience was of the service or if the item was worth the money.  I suppose I just really want to know if they were glad that that they had made the purchase.


I’m sure any potential customers of mine will be feeling the very same way.  It would help them enormously to hear from you about your recent experience with yours truly!  Please don’t spend too much time on this though.  Just the first thoughts that pop into your head!


If you’re not sure what to write, it might be helpful to think about:

If you were recommending me to your friends, what might you tell them?

Was there a best bit? Either during our time together on the day or maybe the way you were treated as a customer?

Did you have any worries before your photography session?  Did it happen? If not, what happened instead?

Thanks again, you are a star!


(If I’m not being a total pest, could I ask you if you’d mind copy/pasting your review into a Facebook review too? Cheers!)

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