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– Documentary Sessions –

Day in the Life - Floral image

“So what is a ‘Documentary’ photo session?!”

Documentary sessions are quite simply an honest and authentic way to visually document this particular chapter in your family’s life.

Here’s a whistle-stop tour of what to expect from your session ….

  • you hire me! (if you’ve not done this already and want to skip to booking your session, click here to contact me)


  • I’ll then have you fill in a questionnaire so that I can get to know your family a little before I turn up at your door


  • we’ll keep in touch prior to the session, but I’ll definitely give you a wee tinkle about a week before your shoot to check that we’re all set


  • you’ll get yourselves organised for the day, by looking out some comfortable (yes, comfortable!) clothes.  co-ordinating colours will definitely add a nice touch to your images!


  • you’ll maybe want to give your place a clean/tidy, not sparkling clean, just YOUR everyday clean. it’s so important we catch your family as authentically as possible


  • on the day, I’ll pitch up at yours with camera at the ready, especially if we’ve spent time together previously.  if not, I’ll spend a bit of time with you and your kiddo, letting them get to know me.  I’ll set up the camera and then we’re good to go!


  • you’ll just carry on with your day exactly as you normally would.  perhaps we’ll have arranged that the kids will do some baking or a go on a day-trip or even just the everyday stuff, like how the kids ‘help’ you with the laundry!  you decide!


  • when our session is over, I’ll go home and immediately download/backup your images.  I’m paranoid about keeping your beautiful family images safe!


  • I’ll spend the next 2/3 weeks working on your images.


  • I’ll prepare a private gallery where you’ll find all of your images from your session.  


  • perhaps you would love to see some of your favourite images adorning your walls?  we can do that too!  if you’re interested in wall art for your home, let me know and I’ll arrange a convenient time to to your home and talk you through your options.


  • finally, I’ll deliver to your home a gorgeous cork bottle USB with all your digital images, along with any prints/wall art you’ve ordered, as I just love to share this moment with you (assuming you live locally of course!)


  • until next time!
Day in the Life - Floral image

The Money Part

Day in the Life - Floral image

Interested in booking a session for your family?


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